Katsushi TANAKA, Ph.D, Professor

Kisaragi YASHIRO, Ph.D, Associate Professor

Hiroshi KINOSHITA, Ph.D, Research Associate


Computational Research Project

  • Approach to Nano-Scale Dynamics based on Local Lattice Instability Analysis (LLIA)
  • Molecular Dynamics Studies on Deformation and Fracutre for Various Materials, e.g. Metal, Polymer, Fullerene and Semiconductor
  • Multiscale/Multiphysics Analysis based on Various Computational Scheme, e.g. Discrete Dislocation Dynamics (DDD), Quasi-Continum, Phase-Field Simualtion and Nudged Elastic Band Method
  • Prediction and Design of Alloy Strength based on Ab-initio Lattice Instability Analysis

Experimental Research Project

  • Synthesis and Tribology of Advanced Carbon Nanomaterials, e.g. Carbon Nanotube, Onion Like Carbon
  • Water Molecule Adsorption and Tribology on Micro-Machines


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